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Every Thursday – 6PM to 10PM

Gilbert Regional Park at Larper’s Field

Helheim is the Phoenix / GIlbert Arizona Chapter of Hearthlight.

Within our chapter you will find a host of avid cross gamers and we welcome those from all foam backgrounds be they Belegarth, Dagorhir, Amtgard or one of the other foam fighting games out there. We use the rules of Hearthlight at local practice and our events. You can find a copy of our Code of Conduct, Safety and Discipline as well as the Treatise of War here.

As a chapter we often attend other realm and kingdom events of similar sports so it may be of interest to read up on the other games rules of Dagorhir, Belegarth and Amtgard as well.

Hearthlight provides an immersive fantasy-medieval experience to a diverse community of players in a safe and welcoming environment. We promote education through participation in medieval arts & sciences and full-contact simulated combat. Whether you want to try your hand at historical hand crafts, join a 50-person shield wall on the battlefield, or simply be a part of a welcoming community, Hearthlight is here for you.

Like traditional sport teams, Hearthlight groups have themes and symbols. Many groups choose to base themselves on medieval fantasy fiction or history such as Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, or Ancient Greece. Participants choose a name that represents them and can choose to portray a character or to simply just fight. The amount of effort you put into your characterization is up to you!

What’s Next / Getting Started

The rules are easy to learn, and after a few practices, you’ll be hooked!

Attend A Practice

Our weekly practices and most annual events are free to attend. You must be over the age of 16 and have signed a waiver. We will have loaner weapons at our events and practices.

Join the Chapter

Helheim practices will always be free to attend. To have a vote in realm matters you need to be a dues paying member. Dues are $1 every 6 months. All dues and donation will be used for chapter expenses, loaner gear, and making events happen.

Build or Buy Weapons

Once you become confident you’ll want to have an arsenal of your own. You can buy or trade with one of our local foam smiths, or you can buy from a foam smith online. Garb is required at official events and helps set the mood at weekly practices.

Our Weekly Practice

Every Thursday at 6:00PM to 10:00PM

Gilbert Regional Park at Larper’s Field

New to Hearthlight?

The Basics of Foam Fighting

Safety + Playability + Realism = Fun. That is the basic equation of foam fighting. When at a practice and events use common sense to use that formula and all of us benefit.


Includes not striking the head and neck. Avoid over-hand strikes if you are new. We also advise that you stick to light weapons (single hand swords marked with blue tape) for a while before moving to the larger, heavy weapons (two handed weapons marked with red tape). This is a fast, full contact sport but we do not need to cause undue hazards for the sake of winning a combat. Safety also includes bringing water to stay hydrated. We will require that all participants sign a waiver (notarized for those under 18). You can find one of those here. Please print one out and bring it with you or fill one out online here or sign in person, we keep them on hand. Knowing the rules helps as well, click here and read over them here.


Indicates that we use weapons that usually approximate the more common types of weapons used on battlefields of the middle ages. If it is something that a knight in armor would have used it is a good place to start. Unusual weapons are allowed but it is best to acquire some equipment that you can use immediately while you work on your more exotic armory. Playability also includes having your own equipment. The chapter’s Weapon Master has some weapons that you can use to try out our game. If you are going to keep playing then you will want your own things and allow the chapter weapons to be freed up for more newcomers to use.


Is about wearing garb at practice and events. Even if you are not a combatant, your garb sets the mood for the practice or event. It will put you in the mindset of this other world where we share our fantasy where heroic deeds are the order of the day. Garb is required at all events so you will want to have something soon. It is not terribly difficult and if you ask for help it will be given.


If you are a gamer that wants to get a feel for the real thing, a sport lover looking for a new challenge or are just trying to find something different that lets you use your imagination as well as include some action this may be for you. When you are at your first event and see the combatants arrayed across the field, experience the clash of arms, and then count yourself among their number while feasting afterward you may just realize that this is fun.

Realm Leadership

Voice of Hel


Gillion Ap Wyrddych

Hand of Hel

Vice President



Human Resources

Katrina S

Additional Realm Resources

Treatise of War

The Treatise of War are the rules on how to participate in the combat aspects of Hearthlight. You can read it here.


Realm Constitution

A link to our Constitution can be found here.


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